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Chimney repairs done by expert chimney sweeps, certified and insured technicians deliver dependable chimney service across the Nicholasville KY.

The expertise of the CSIA certified technicians Gordan Woodward goes beyond chimney cleaning and chimney inspection to include every type of chimney repair service that might be needed. Our chimney services cover all aspects of repair for masonry and factory-built chimneys, including:

Chimney Rebuilding

Chimney Relining

Chimney Masonry Repair

Chimney Cap Install

Chimney Crown Maintenance


Firebox Rebuild


To properly rebuild or repair a chimney requires the knowledge and experience of a well-trained professional. It’s essential to understand the various parts of the masonry structure in order to ensure proper venting. There are building code regulations and requirements which must be met, as well. Our professional chimney technicians are familiar with every aspect of chimneys and perform expert chimney and venting repairs.

If a chimney is exposed to too much water because of the flow of rainwater on the roof, we suggest the installation of a cricket, which diverts water away from the chimney. Waterproofing of the chimney can also help to slow the damage caused by excess water. Another example is that flashing, the metal wrapping where the chimney meets the roof, may need to be replaced. Water leaking in the attic can result from chimney flashing problems.

While the masonry on a chimney can typically be expected to last at least a century, other aspects of the structure unavoidably require repair and maintenance. Damage is caused by harsh weather conditions, frequent freezing and thawing, moisture, excessive buildup of flammable substances inside the chimney lining, and the simple passing of time. Repair of a damaged chimney is critical, to ensure safe operation of the heating system.

Chimney masonry repair is needed when the structural integrity of the chimney system is compromised. Whether caused by moisture on the outside of the chimney or by the combustion process on the inside of the chimney, the longer structural damage goes without repair, the worse it gets, until complete rebuild of the chimney becomes necessary. These situations can be dangerous, since a damaged chimney structure can lead to a fire.

Chimney Masonry Work

The need for chimney masonry work is not always apparent from the outside, which is one reason annual chimney inspections by a professional chimney sweep are important. When a chimney is inspected, the technician is looking inside and outside of the chimney for signs of deterioration and for evidence that moisture is entering the system. Moisture causes many types of chimney damage; and the source of excess moisture in a chimney should be identified and repaired as quickly as possible. In most cases, the sooner problems are recognized and repaired, the less invasive and the less expensive needed repairs will be.

Chimney Liner / Relining Chimney

A chimney liner that has deteriorated and is no longer in good working condition is a hazard. The chimney liner is an essential component in the safe operation of the fireplace. The flue lining protects the chimney walls from byproducts and hot gases produced by fires. A home without a sound chimney liner is in real danger of catching fire, since the heat in the chimney can affect combustible parts of the home.

There are various types of chimney liners installed when chimneys are built. If your chimney liner needs to be replaced, our professional technicians can provide all the information you need and answer all questions related to which type of liner replacement works best for you.

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